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Bulk Ethernet Cables - Top Categories Of The Month

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We have the cable for you if you’re running cable within walls, plenum areas, or outside. Our Cat5e Ethernet cables provide reliable connectivity for your networking needs. They are ideal for home or small office setups. Experience fast and stable internet connections with our Cat5e cables. Our special shielding prioritizes safety without compromising performance. Explore our range of cables and experience the perfect blend of high performance and enhanced safety.

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Cat5e Plenum 100% Solid Pure Copper Ethernet Cable UL Listed


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Cat5e Plenum 100% Solid Pure Copper Ethernet Cable


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Upgrade your network with our high-performance Cat6 Ethernet cables. Our cables ensure seamless streaming, gaming, and file sharing. Enjoy enhanced reliability and reduced signal interference for a smooth networking experience. Upgrade today for enhanced performance.

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Cat6 Plenum UTP 100% Solid Bare Copper Ethernet Cable


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Cat6 Plenum Shielded (F/UTP) PURE COPPER 550Mhz- 1000 ft Ethernet Cable BLUE


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Bulk Cat6 Bare Copper UTP 23AWG Solid CMR Cable


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Cat6 Shielded F/UTP Riser (CMR), 1000ft, 23AWG Solid Bare Copper, 550MHz


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CAT6 Outdoor Gel Filled Pure Solid Copper 1000ft Ethernet Cable, Unshielded Cable


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Experience exceptional performance with our Cat6a Ethernet cables. Our cables support data speeds over longer distances, making them ideal for demanding applications. With shielding, they provide excellent protection against crosstalk and interference, ensuring reliable connectivity. Get in touch to explore the Cat6a Ethernet cable.

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CAT6A Plenum Pure Copper 750Mhz 1000ft UTP Bulk Ethernet Cable


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Cat6A Shielded F/UTP Plenum, 1000ft, 23AWG Solid Bare Copper, 750MHz, ETL Listed, Overall Foil Shield (STP), Bulk Ethernet Cable Blue


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CAT6A Riser UTP 1000ft ETL Listed Bulk Ethernet Cable


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Take your network to the next level with our 1000ft CAT7 Plenum Cables. It is ideal for your indoor voice, data, video, and security networking application. Offering blazing-fast data transfer speeds, these cables are perfect for high-bandwidth applications and future-proofing your network. Enjoy superior shielding and reduced signal loss for optimal performance.

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Cat7 Plenum Pure Copper 850Mhz 1000ft SFTP Bulk Ethernet Cable


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Cat7 Outdoor Pure Solid Copper 850Mhz 1000ft SFTP Bulk Ethernet Cable


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Cat6 Outdoor

Our Cat6 outdoor Ethernet cables are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. With UV-resistant and waterproof features, these cables ensure reliable network connectivity in outdoor environments. They come equipped with special shielding for added protection and durability. Get in touch to explore our range of outdoor networking solutions.

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CAT6 Outdoor Gel Filled Pure Solid Copper 1000ft Ethernet Cable, Unshielded Cable


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CAT6A Outdoor 10GbE 750MHz FTP UV Rated with Shielded Dry Gel Tape- 1000ft Spool DC-6042


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DC-2022 – Outdoor CAT6 Double Shielded FTP – 1000ft Spool


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DC-2042- Outdoor CAT6 Shielded With Gel Tape – 1000ft Spool


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Best Selling Product

Selecting The Best Category Cables Plenum At TS Cables.

Category cables plenum and Bulk Plenum Copper will make installation easier and the customer will be quite satisfied. We have special shielding that is less dangerous.  In addition, each of our cables has undergone testing and certification to ensure that it satisfies performance and safety requirements. We get the cable for you if you’re running cable within walls, plenum areas, or outside.

Regarding serving customers’ demands, TS Cables is the industry leader. These customers range from small enterprises to large businesses. We guarantee complete satisfaction and examine each product to ensure it meets our standards.

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Plenum Cable:

Plenum cables of TS Cables are ideal for use in plenum spaces since they are coated with a specific smoke material that increases their fire resistance.  They come in several varieties, including Cat5e plenum cable, Cat6 Plenum Cable, Cat6A Plenum Cable, and Cat7 Plenum Cable.

The cat6a plenum copper complies with fire safety regulations. The design of this cable prevents it from producing smoke when in use.


  • We have a unique coating that enables us less fire.
  •  Installations will be more accessible by the selection of plenum cables on TS Cable.
  • As a result, we consistently satisfy our clients.
  • Additionally, we provide bulk plenum copper and category cables. 
  • Our plenum cables protect users from dangerous gases.

Internet Connection Speed:

Check to see if the cat5e, cat6, or cat6a plenum cable you plan to buy can handle higher data rates. Compared to CAT6 plenum cable, CAT6 shielded cable has more shielding and twists.


Cat7 plenum pure copper is becoming more used in the networking industry. If you want to strengthen your connection, the cable will still work flawlessly with it. Many small businesses use cat6 plenum stp for internet networks.

Speed and bandwidth:

The full speed of 1 Gbps will only be available if you run the cat6 plenum cable longer than 100 meters, so keep that in mind while selecting. If you run it for more than 50 meters or less, you can speed this up.

Shielding Cable

There are two types of cable: one is shielded, and the other is unshielded.  The shielded one is more effective and delivers superior performance. Essentially, it is a metal foil wrapped around the cables that need to secure the signal transmission. You need to purchase a shielded Cat6 plenum cable to reduce interference and improve connection.

Our Commitment

Shop for regular use Cat5e Plenum Cable, Cat6 shielded cables, and cat7 plenum pure copper from TScables.com. The highest safety and reliability standards available in the market are already on our cables.

Based on the category type and structure, our bulk plenum copper cable was available in lengths of 500 or 1000 feet with various colors and jacket types and rj45 Crimp Connectors. Both indoor and outdoor options are available.


Turnstone Cables, Inc. (“Turnstone”) is a powerhouse in high-performance cabling all over the United States. Our main objective is to make purchasing cables online quick and easy, so get in touch with us immediately if you have any inquiries and check back often for new product launches or special deals.

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