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Cat6 Plenum Shielded STP / UTP

When purchasing Ethernet cables, many individuals find it challenging to decide between any of these two wires. When buying Ethernet cables, you must choose between STP (shielded twisted pair) and UTP (unshielded twisted pair). In connectivity, both are employed to deliver data.


If you don’t properly understand these two types of cables, making a decision can be very challenging. Read the following information to learn the primary differences between UTP and STP cables. We hope you understand everything.

Cat6 Plenum Cable:

Ethernet cables ideal for regions with air circulation include Cat6 Plenum Shielded STP cable. 250MHz and 1Gb up to 328 feet are supported (100 meters). Cat6 is enhanced by providing you with more speed, which includes performance improvement over crosstalk.


The jacket material is referred to as the plenum section of the cable. Also, plenum cables frequently have insulation made of FEP and low smoke flame retardant PVC jackets. It effectively stops fires from spreading and produces less harmful smoke.


After thoroughly understanding the fundamentals of cat 6 plenum cables, let’s choose the appropriate cable for your needs.

How do STP Cables Work?

Inside STP cables is a shield often constructed of copper or aluminum. Shielding comes in a variety of forms, including foil and braided shields. Each pair in a cable may receive the shield individually or collectively.


Cat6 Plenum Shielded STP cable offers the highest level of shielding. With a foil shield and braid shield on top of these, it provides the most significant level of protection against crosstalk. Plenum cat6 In circumstances where a near device produces EMI, STP cables are frequently employed.


For example, STP cables are typically used in places like factories, airlines, and medical facilities because of the numerous devices there that can cause interference. However, when cables need to be routed close to fluorescent lights, household appliances, or strong motors, STP cables are beneficial.


The benefits of STP cables

  1. First, EMI can be decreased by the shield of STP wires.
  2. It improves the quality of data transmission.
  3. Crosstalk can reduce with STP cables if they are installed and maintained correctly.


How do Cat6 Plenum Shielded UTP Cables work?


Shielding is omitted from UTP cables, which increases interference. The way the pairs are twisted within the cable lower EMI. As a result, UTP cables are shorter and lighter than STP cables.


To avoid slowing down the network speed or causing a network breakdown, avoid choosing UTP connections if your location has a lot of strong magnetic fields. Instead, you should select the Cat6 Plenum UTP cable if you intend to install ethernet cables in settings with no or very low crosstalk or EMIs.


In both homes and businesses, Cat6 plenum UTP cables work well. In addition, compared to STP cables, they are less expensive. Therefore, if interfering or crosstalk is not your primary concern, it is advised that you choose UTP cables to save money.


The benefits of Cat6 Plenum UTP Cables

  1. easy to configure and maintain for starting.
  2. UTP cables are lighter than STP cables and do not have shields, making cable setup more straightforward.
  3. More affordable than STP cables are UTP cables.




The appropriate cable selection can enhance network performance and increase device longevity. Understanding STP and UTP cables are crucial to understanding. Choose Cat6 plenum STP cables if you require superior anti-interference capabilities. Cat6  plenum UTP cables are a good option if the price is your top concern.


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