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Cat6A Riser Unshielded

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Cat6A Riser Unshielded: Elevate Your Vertical Networking Experience

Harness the power of Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables, specifically designed for vertical installations. With a focus on high-speed and reliable data transmission, these cables are the go-to choice for multi-story buildings.

Delving into Cat6A Riser Unshielded Cables

Experience the pinnacle of vertical networking with Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables. These cables are tailored to meet the unique demands of riser environments, ensuring consistent performance across floors.

Benefits of Cat6A Riser Unshielded

Streamlined Design

Without the added complexity of shielding, Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables offer a more straightforward installation process.


Engineered for vertical installations, these cables are fire-resistant, ensuring safety in multi-story structures.

High-Speed Performance

With support for speeds up to 10 Gbps, Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables ensure that your network remains fast and efficient.

Ideal Applications

Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables shine in:

  • Residential Buildings: Delivering consistent internet connectivity across floors.
  • Office Complexes: Facilitating seamless data transmission in multi-story offices.
  • Educational Facilities: Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in schools and colleges.

Expert's Choice

For vertical installations that prioritize both performance and ease of use, Cat6A Riser Unshielded stands out as the professionals' top pick.

  • How do Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables differ from shielded ones?

    The unshielded variant lacks additional shielding layers, making it more streamlined and cost-effective for certain installations.

  • Are there any performance trade-offs with Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables?

    Absolutely not. They are designed to deliver high-speed data transmission, ensuring top-tier performance in riser environments.

  • Why choose unshielded over shielded for riser installations?

    Unshielded cables are often easier to install and more cost-effective, making them a popular choice for many vertical installations.

  • What safety measures are in place for these cables in multi-story buildings?

    Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables are fire-resistant, ensuring they meet safety standards for vertical installations.

  • Can Cat6A Riser Unshielded cables be used in outdoor settings?

    They are primarily designed for indoor use. For outdoor applications, it’s recommended to use cables specifically designed for outdoor conditions.

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