Cat6a Riser Ethernet Cables

Benefits of Copper Cat6 Riser Cable

Key benefits of cat6a riser cable 1000ft include:
High Bandwidth: Cat6 Riser Cable supports data rates up to 10 Gbps, providing bandwidth for high-speed data transmission in networks.
Enhanced Performance: Precise construction minimizes signal interference, ensuring reliable and consistent network performance for various applications.
Fire Safety: Designed for vertical spaces, its riser-rated jacket meets fire safety standards, reducing the risk of fire spread between building floors.
Durability: The copper conductor construction enhances cable durability, ensuring a longer lifespan and sustained performance in demanding networking environments.
Future-Proofing: Cat6 Riser Cable exceeds standard requirements, making it a future-proof choice for evolving network technologies and increasing data demands.


Key applications of cat6a shielded riser cable include:
Office Networking: Cat6a ethernet cable is ideal for office spaces, supporting high-speed data transfer and providing reliable network infrastructure for various devices, ensuring seamless communication and productivity.
Educational Institutions: In schools and universities, Cat6 riser cables facilitate efficient data transmission, supporting multimedia content, online learning platforms, and collaborative tools for students and educators.
Healthcare Facilities: Cat6 riser cables contribute to the seamless operation of healthcare systems, enabling fast and secure data transfer for medical records, imaging, and communication among healthcare professionals, improving patient care.
Data Centers: In data centers, cat6a shielded cable roll forms the backbone that ensures reliable connectivity for servers, storage, and communication within the facility.

Cat6a Riser Cable 1000ft

The 1000ft length option of Cat6 Riser Cable proves cost-effective and efficient for extensive installations, such as commercial buildings, data centers, or large-scale networking projects. Its bulk packaging simplifies deployment, minimizing costs and installation time.
Ideal for physical settings and environments that require substantial coverage, as 1000ft length accommodates diverse spaces, ensuring a reliable, high-performance network infrastructure tailored to expansive environments.

Buying Guide for Cat6a Riser Pure Copper

Consider the following aspects when buying cat6a cmr riser cable:
Jacket Type: CMP jacket for fire safety and high-degree flame resistance
Shielding: Shielded for protection from fire resistance and EMI
Performance: 10 Gigabit ethernet speeds up to 328 feet and bandwidth up to 750 MHz
Compatibility: 23AWG solid conductors with an insulated conductor diameter
Markings: Every 2 feet improves efficiency and allows you to track cable length
Colors: Black, White, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.

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