CAT6A Plenum Pure Copper 750Mhz 1000ft UTP Bulk Ethernet Cable BLUE

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  • PACKAGING:Reel in Box
  • WEIGHT:38.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:14.00in x 14.00in x 12.00in

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Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 12 in

23 reviews for CAT6A Plenum Pure Copper 750Mhz 1000ft UTP Bulk Ethernet Cable BLUE

  1. Jefferey.P

    Great quality cable. Agree some type of spindle or a boxed version would be nice. Also a 50 lb. spindle shouldn’t be shipped in a regular box. It barely made it to my front door intact.

  2. Micheal.D.

    I had five runs that needed to be pulled in my house and the air return duct was the only way. The cable went in great, is fully intact, and was spooled nicely. Not much else to same, nice bulk cable.

  3. John

    This is some amazing cable that is crafted better than any cable I have purchased before.

  4. Smartly Created

    If you are used to rolls of cable, buy this, it will change your life!. Someone tool a 1,000 ft of network cable, and rolled it up carefully, so as you pull out what you need, it does not snag, does not become a spaghetti mess, and does not rapidly become a nightmare. The cable is of good quality. The only slight fly in the ointment is if you pull out too much. You really can’t just push it back in!

  5. Jerry M.

    I ran this cable to a shop that is almost 100 yards from my house with nothing to boost the signal and it has worked great for about a year so far. The individual wires are thick and it was tough to fit into the ends I had so I used female ends that were easier to attach. I’m not taking off any stars for the difficulty because I wanted heavy cable for the long run. Very happy with it.

  6. James

    Good quality stuff. I ran it 550 ft with a router 200′ in to relay the signal. Works great. I have seen speeds up to 74Mbps at the end of the line over wi-fi.

  7. Gunnar.V

    Great wire. I’m going to be feeding it throughout the house in the walls. A very time consuming project that the only reward is the wires are all hidden and since we did it ourselves it saved us a thousand dollars. It’s cat six and along with the internet it’s going to run security cameras as well. The wire is well suited for this and it’s quality makes the pictures and speed looking there best when done correctly. It’s not outdoor wire and the weather would eat it up rapidly but any run ran through sealed conduit underground or attached to the house and ran through a conduit also will work just as if it was in a wall and be just fine. I have many cameras and PTZ’s (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) doing it this way six hundred feet away. It’s all time consuming but it’s only got to be done once the right way one time with this quality cat six A. I tested a piece and am satisfied it’s up to any task I need it for within its capabilities. Four Stars ????????!!!

  8. Iss66

    As expected.

  9. Roberta

    Used 13 boxes, great cable to work with. Highly recommended

  10. Falcon

    Exactly as described. No issues.

  11. SlyTek

    Excellent quality pure copper cable. Used 500ft already from their 1000ft box, no problems at all.

  12. James

    This is probably one of the highest quality Ethernet cables IÕve ever worked with. It is if very high quality and is very easy to pull throughout the house, attic, and walls. It certainly made completing my project much easier.

  13. Davud Hruska

    Works perfectly. Really enjoy the sequential numbering on the cable.

  14. john

    Recently, I wanted so run a couple of 10Gbps-capable Ethernet drops to each of the upstairs bedrooms. The drops are for the purpose of hardworking the televisions and providing physical data drops to offset the already established robust WiFi network. It worked great, really loved this product. 5 starts

  15. daisy lani

    good quality cable, easy to work with.

  16. Nicholas Guth

    Worked very well.

  17. SAGA

    The spine and the abilty for the jacket to protect unlike other cabled. Construction site use is prime location for use.

  18. Rob.D

    Cable is a tad thicker than the majority of other cables I’ve used, but it works.

  19. Google customer

    The cable was delivered promptly and was packaged appropriately.

  20. K.Marissa

    Was looking for Cat6A cable to run several ethernet lines from one floor to another and this worked very nicely. Arrived on time and exactly as advertised.

  21. tom cillis

    Great price and fast delivery

  22. Melissa Roses

    I will purchase this product again if we need more.

  23. Aaron M

    Very good quality cable, I will buy it again. Thanks

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