Shielded Ethernet Cables

Types of Shielded Network Cables

Choosing the correct shielded network cable is essential according to environmental considerations.

Cat5e shielded cable

Cat5e shielded cable is made from copper twisted pairs to create a balanced transmission line, reduce noise, and add durability.

Cat6 shielded cable

Cat6 shielded cable is a twisted pair of wires, individually shielded for flexibility and strengthening support to reduce crosstalk.

Cat6a shielded cable

Cat6a shielded cable with braid shield and twisted pair is specially designed to handle high-speed data transmission, capable of speeds up to 10GB and more.

Cat7 shielded cable

Cat7 shielded cable comprises four twisted pairs (STP) of copper wire that can be directly connected to servers, switches, and computer networks.

Cat8 shielded cable

Cat8 shielded cable facilitates maximum speed and performance with backward compatibility and the standard RJ45 connectors.

Key Features of Shielded Ethernet Cables

Key features of Plenum ethernet cable include:

Bandwidth: Up to 600 MHZ

Speed: Maximum speed of 40 Gbps

Durability: Fire-resistant and low smoke emitting

Length: Maximum distance of 328 feet or 100 meters

Environmental considerations: Ideal for switch-to-switch communications in data centers and server rooms

Compatibility with networking equipment: Switches, routers, and patch panels


Here are key applications of the best-shielded ethernet cable

  • Industrial use: Shielded Ethernet cables in industry prevent interference, ensuring reliable data transmission in manufacturing, automation, and control systems.
  • Home networking: Used at home for stable internet connections, shielded Ethernet cables minimize interference, providing reliable networking for various devices.
  • Hospitals: Shielded Ethernet cables are critical for healthcare systems, ensuring secure and interference-free data transfer in medical equipment and information systems.
  • Educational institutions: In educational settings, shielded Ethernet cables maintain consistent connectivity, supporting online learning, administrative tasks, and communication across campus networks.

Buying Guide

Consider the following aspects when buying shielded bulk ethernet cable:

Jacket Type: PVC jacket

Shielding Options: Foil Shield and Braided Shield

Colors: Black, White, Blue

Cable Categories: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7A and Cat8

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