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Cat6 Plenum Bare Copper

TS cables contain a special shielding that is significantly less burning.  To enable installation and increase efficiency, we provide Bulk Plenum Copper and category cables, which makes the customer happy such cables like Cat6 Plenum Bare Copper.

The Cat7 Cable is ideal for your indoor phone, data, television, and secure networking needs because of its ability to resist fire. For new construction, it is actually recommended. You may get the answers to your networking queries on this page.


By offering the greatest bulk plenum copper cables, TS Cables satisfies the needs of its customers in terms of quality, safety, pricing, and dependability.


  1. We have a particular coating that is less harmful and smoke-prone.
  2. The selection of plenum cables on TS Cable will make installations easier.
  3. We never fail to satisfy our clients.
  4. Additionally, we provide bulk plenum copper and category cables.


To meet client expectations, we are always improving our unique service. We use pure copper instead of less expensive materials.

Future of Networking Cable:

Cat6 Plenum Bare Copper cable is offered with pure copper conductors. Additionally, there are STP and UTP versions of this cable. Copper used in cat6a complies with fire safety regulations. When used, this cable doesn’t produce any fumes or smoke because of the way it is designed. We may use it in various networks, including Ethernet networks because it provides rapid speed.

Because of these spaces and cooling systems, you can also install Cat6 pure copper in large IT centres and computer rooms. They are set up to protect people from extremely harmful gases. Our pure copper is coated, making them ideal for plenum environments.


Cat6 has a connector and a port, and because of its backward compatibility, it is more user-friendly. Any connector or port will accept it. The best installation length choice is designed for LAN purposes in both commercial and residential settings. Each product is examined by us to make sure it meets our standards.


Cat7 plenum copper is becoming more used in the networking industry. If you want to strengthen your connection, the cable will still work with it. Many small businesses use cat6 plenum stp for internet networks. An important part of cat7 copper is shielding.


Reduced Crosstalk:

The insulation on the CAT6 stp plenum cable is thicker than that on the Cat6 stp riser. It is, therefore, superior at minimising crosstalk and offers enhanced performance, increased speed, durability, and dependability. It is designed to send signals over a 100-meter distance at a rate of 600 MHz.

Have Faith in Us:

The pure copper cable we provide to customers is always of the best quality and conforms with all wire specifications, as we always ensure. If you have any inquiries, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you locate the proper cable.


TScable offers to pull boxes for Cat6 pure copper, Cat6 Stp plenum, Cat6 Stp riser, Cat6a cables, and Cat7 cables.   When you require more speed and dependability, buy our pure copper cable if safety and reliability are important.

Finally, Cat6 Pure copper cable is the foundation of every network, whether residential or business. However, many individuals have found that Cat7 delivers much more bandwidth than they require.

Enjoy wiring!