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What is an RJ45 Connector?

RJ45 connector is mostly required by ethernet cable and networks. Because RJ45 is a standardized networking interface, the RJ stands for registered jack. The number 45 simply refers to an interface standard’s code.

An RJ45 cable has eight wires as the connector contains eight pins, an RJ45 cable includes eight separate conductors. The first four are solid colors, while the remaining four are multicolored.

For CAT5 and CAT6 lines, RJ45 is commonly used. The twisted-pair cable is terminated it onto cable connector interface using one of two cabling strategies: T568A or T568B.

What is RJ45 and what are its uses?

The RJ45 connector is the most well-known and widely used in the IT industry. Male and female cable connectors to a port or wall socket are included on each RJ45 connector. One of eight port cable connectors that made up the bottom portion of an RJ45 connector is commonly given to specific telephone wiring.

An RJ45 cable is primarily used to connect the devices across an Ethernet network. An RJ45 connection can be used by computers, printers, network disk drives, and cable or Dsl.

RJ45 Parts:

Even though an RJ45 connector appears to be a simple device, it is made up of several components, including: 

A crimp to join the cable to the RJ45 connector.

Use a clip to secure the RJ45 to the RJ45 port and then release it.

Copper pins for attaching to copper lines.

How to Terminate with an RJ45 Connector?

  • Trim the end of cable that connects you’re terminating with a Crimping Tool.
  • Remove about 1 inch of the cable’s jacket, being careful not to harm the inner conducting wires.
  • Keeping the wire ends of the cable facing away from you.
  • Carefully insert the organized wires through to the connector until the wire end appear from either the pins.
  • Squeeze as many of the wire jacket as feasible into to the connector for additional strength.
  • Check that the wire ends pouring out of the pin side of the connection are in the correct sequence; if not, extract them from of the connector, rearrange them, and re-insert them.
  • In your crimping tool, insert the prepared connector into the RJ45 slot.
  • To guarantee a proper crimp, squeeze the crimper’s handles firmly, then release them and repeat the process.
  • If your crimper doesn’t immediately trim cable ends as they’re terminated, cut away wire ends to get them as flush as feasible with the connector’s surface.
  • Repeat the operation on the extreme side of your wire when the initial termination is complete.


The connectors on cat6 plenum cable, whether that’s Category 3 or Category 6, are RJ45. RJ45 connections can be used to terminate Category 7 cables, but only in customized variants. RJ45 cable connectors have a number of flaws. The majority of RJ45 connector issues arise when the wires do not meet the required specifications. To minimize issues, people who want to work on their own cable connectors should pay special attention to the right wiring order.

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