Cat6 Shielded Cable

Key Features of Cat6 Shielded Cable 1000 ft

When looking to purchase ethernet cables in bulk, consider the key features of Cat6 shielded ethernet cables, including:

EMI protection: Shields protect against electromagnetic interference, ensuring a stable signal and preventing disruptions from nearby electronic devices.
Crosstalk reduction: Twisted pairs and individual shielding minimize crosstalk, preventing signal interference between adjacent wires for improved data integrity.
Enhanced performance: Shielding maintains signal quality over longer distances, reducing signal loss and promoting reliable, high-speed data transmission.
Reduced signal degradation: Shields guard against external factors that could degrade signals, such as radio frequency interference (RFI), preserving data integrity.
Improved signal-to-noise ratio: Shielding minimizes external noise, enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio and optimizing the cable’s performance in challenging environments.
Interference resistance: Suitable for areas with electronic equipment or potential interference, providing reliable network connectivity in demanding settings.


Key applications of solid copper Cat6 shielded cable include:

Office Networking: Cat6 screened ethernet cable is ideal for office spaces, supporting high-speed data transfer and providing reliable network infrastructure for various devices, ensuring seamless communication and productivity.
Educational Institutions: In schools and universities, Cat6 riser cables facilitate efficient data transmission, supporting multimedia content, online learning platforms, and collaborative tools for students and educators.
Healthcare Facilities: Cat6 cables contribute to the seamless operation of healthcare systems, enabling fast and secure data transfer for medical records, imaging, and communication among healthcare professionals, improving patient care.
Data Centers: In data centers, cat 6 cable roll forms the backbone of networking infrastructure, supporting high-density data transfer, reducing latency, and ensuring reliable connectivity for servers, storage, and communication within the facility.

Buying Guide for Cat6 Shielded Network Cable

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When you look for Cat6 bulk shielded cable, consider the following factors:
Cable Length: 1000 feet (305 meters)
Jacket Type: CMP jacket for fire safety
Shielding Options: Overall Foil Shield + Overall Braid Shield
Colors: Cat 6 spool available in black, blue, and white

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