Foam – Skin Polyethylene Copper Telephone Cable

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Foam – Skin Polyethylene Copper Telephone Cable

Foam-skin PE insulated Jelly Filled Local Cables are designed for duct and direct burial installations. Foam-skin insulation – highly expanded foam inner core and solid outer skin – provides the cable with not only compactness but also physical, electrical toughness which yields, combined with the fully filling of cable core with filling compounds, long-term stability after installation. More uniform insulation than conventional ones can be attained by Foam-skin so that electrical couplings will be well reduced. Its construction, physical and electrical characteristics are based on requirements of client’s specification.

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Application and Key Features

Conductor: Solid annealed copper in size 0.32, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.9 mm.
Unit Type: The pairs are stranded to form 25-pair groups (when desired for viagra sans ordonnance lay-up reasons, the 25-pairs groups may be divided into two or more sub-groups), each 25-pair group identified by color coded plastic binders. For large pair count cables, two or more 25-pairs groups are stranded into a super-unit, which is identified by Colored plastic binders. Appropriate number of these groups and/or units are stranded into a Compact and cylindrical cable core.
Core Wrapping: Several layers of plastic tapes completely covering the cable core and also providing sufficient dielectric strength between conductors and shield. Water blocking swell able tape can also be used as require by the customer.
Filling: Interstices in the Core, and between core wraps and shield are filled with petroleum / synthetic compound so as to effectively protect the cable core from water attack. Modified filling compound meeting tropical climate conditions is also available.
Sheath: Laminated Aluminium Polyethylene sheath (LAP sheath). Aluminum tape, tightly boned to the outer polyethylene, acts not only as an electrical screen but as a moisture barrier. The outer polyethylene is black, high molecular weight, one providing the cable with a tough, flexible, protective covering able to withstand exposure to sunlight.
Insulation: Colored, foamed and high density polyethylene meeting physical and electrical Requirements of client’s specification.
Twining: Insulated conductors, color coded as per table 1, are twisted into pairs with varying lays to minimize cross-talk and capacitance unbalance.

Cable Assembly:

Concentric Layer Type: The twisted pairs are stranded together into a compact and concentric cable core atmospheric temperature, ground chemicals, and stresses expected in standard installations.
Pulling Eye: When required by customer, cables can be shipped with pulling eye attached at running end.
Armour: Armouring such as steel tape armour, wire armour and so on, over the LAP sheath, are available upon request.

Color Scheme for 25 Pair Units


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