Easy Feed RJ45 Strain Relief Boot, Shielded CAT5e / CAT6 6.5mm Diameter – 25 pack

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Easy Feed RJ45 Strain Relief Boot, Shielded CAT5e / CAT6 6.5mm Diameter – 25 pack


  • Prolong patch cord life
  • Maintain bend radius required for standard compliance
  • Terminations have a professional finished look
  • No more snags or hang ups, causing tangled messes
  • Clip in prongs are designed to fit with the shielded connectors
  • Easier to unlock the connector when unplugging from jack/port
  • Can be used with shielded or unshielded Easy Feed RJ45 connectors
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Shielded CAT5e / CAT6 Easy Feed RJ45 Strain Relief Boot, 6.5mm Diameter – 25 pack

These Strain Relief Boots are designed to be used with our shielded Easy Feed RJ45. Strain Relief Boots help to protect custom made patch cords from falling out of their ports or being disconnected from their RJ45 connectors. Boots help relieve the pressure and weight of the hanging cable. They also add protection to the connection point when being pulled on or reconnected multiple times. Our Boots greatly extend the life of CAT5e and CAT6 connectors. This slip-on boot has a snag-less design to help prevent snagging connectors when pulling through racks, walls, and cable bundles.

To utilize this boot to its utmost capacity, simply slide the boot onto the cable before termination. After the modular plug has been crimped onto the cable, slide the boot up the cable until the you see the boot clip into the RJ45 Plug. There is a guard that covers the release clip of the RJ45, which ensures that the clip does not get snapped off or unintentionally disconnected.

The Easy Feed RJ45 Cable Strain Relief Boots are made clear in color to better see the connection of the boot and RJ45. They can also house cables with a maximum outside diameter (OD) of 6.5mm or 0.26 inch, which is standard for most CAT5e and CAT6 Cables.

These boots are sold in packs of 25, if interested in the individual cost per item, please give us a call.

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