Self Supporting Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

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Self Supporting Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

This cable has been designed for Aerial applications and provides solutions for areas where the permission of digging from civic authorities is difficult and the areas where the laying of underground cables is difficult, it also provides immediate solution for restoration of communications without waiting for formal permission of digging and laying of underground cables. This Aerial type Fiber Cable is designed for easy and economical installation with High Tensile Strength to overcome wind pressures and ice loadings. It is the best solution for deployment in hilly areas and is also a fast track solution. Our stranded loose tube design provides stable performance over a wide temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunications-grade optical fiber.

The stranded loose tubes contain thixotropic jelly but the cable core is based on dry-block construction. Incorporation of Dry Water Block Technology eliminates the need for traditional jelly filled water blocking methods, thus providing efficient and craft-friendly cable installation.
The thixotropic jelly is used to fill the buffer tubes to prevent water ingress. Length markings in meters for easy determination of cable length.
Extra Strength is provided through armoring (Steel Tape) and even more through special Yarns as per requirements.

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Application and Key Features

  • Excellent Optical, Mechanical & Environmental performance
  • Central Strength Member – Dielectric type Fiber Reinforced Plastic Dry Block construction
  • Very High Tensile Strength
  • High Crush Strength
  • Aerial Application
  • Application in LAW, WAN and other communication systems
  • High Strength messenger wire to give extra strength
  • Easy to clamp and install
  • Bears ice loads & high wind pressures
  • Fast Track installations
  • Solutions for RIGHT OF WAY (ROW) issues
Recommended Installation procedure: Aerial
Cable Construction: Stranded Loose Tube
Fiber Count: Up to 72 Fibers
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.655.c
Physical properties: High Strength & Easy to install
Nominal Cable delivery length (km) 2 km or 4 km ± 3%


Cross Section of Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cables

Key Specifications of Self-Supporting Aerial Cable


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