Bulk Cat5e Cable

Bulk Cat5e Cables

Bulk cat5e ethernet cable made from 4-pair shielded twisted cable can support data transfer up to 1 gigabit per, making it suitable for high-speed internet and local area network connections.

Cat5e cables are available in plenum, shielded, and unshielded variants. Shielded ethernet cables have additional electromagnetic interference protection, making them ideal for environments with high interference. Unshielded Cat5e cables are widely used for general networking purposes. The plenum ethernet cable comes with FEP insulation and a longitudinal rip cord to easily open the jacket.

Key Features

Cat5e bulk ethernet cables are insulated and brightly colored to help identify the proper color code and are made with 100% copper; they are high-performance networking outdoor ethernet cables.

Key features of Cat5e cables include:

Bandwidth: 1000 Mbps/1Gbps

Speed: It can support networking operating speeds of 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps.

Durability: Up to 10 times faster speed to connect devices.

Cable Length: 1000. ft, or 305 meters.


Key applications of cat5e stp bulk cable include:

  1. Home Networking: Extensively used for connecting devices within homes, facilitating seamless internet access, streaming, and file sharing.
  2. Commercial Installations: Supports efficient data transmission, ensuring reliable connectivity for computers, printers, and other networked devices.
  3. Industrial Use: Connecting machinery and systems for data exchange and control in automated processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
  4. Surveillance Systems: Transmitting high-quality video feeds over long distances, contributing to robust and reliable surveillance infrastructure.
  5. Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony: Enables the deployment of VoIP systems, ensuring clear and reliable voice communication by transmitting voice signals over the network infrastructure.

Why Choose Bulk Cat5e Cables?

Cost-effectiveness: Cat5e is a budget-friendly option to upgrade network infrastructure.

Scalability: Designed to meet the demands of the growing network without inconvenience.

Customization: Provides the flexibility to customize cable lengths according to installation requirements.

Buying Guide

When you look for Cat5e cable for sale, consider the following factors:

Cable Length: Choose the appropriate Cat5e cable length based on your installation needs, ensuring optimal reach without unnecessary excess.

Jacket Type: Consider the jacket material for durability and suitability to the environment—options include 24 AWG pure copper conductor jacketed with PVC for general use or plenum for fire-resistant installations.

Shielding Options: Decide between shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP) cables based on the level of electromagnetic interference protection required.

Colors: Available in blue, black, and white for easy identification and organization, aiding in cable management and troubleshooting within your network. 

Warranty: Ensures product quality and reliability, protecting against potential defects or issues.

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