Cat5e Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Solid Bare Copper | 1000 Ft

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Cat5e Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Solid Bare Copper | 1000 Ft

  • PACKAGING: EZ Pull Box
  • WEIGHT:21.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:14.00in x 14.00in x 10.00in
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Bulk 1000ft Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper (CMP/UTP) un-shielded twisted pair cable is a high-performance data. Transfer Communication cable suitable for 350Mhz high speed applications. 1000ft. Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper cable with excellent attenuation and exceeds TIA/EIA-568-C.2 specification and cross-talk characteristics. Cat5e CMP bare Copper Ethernet Network cable is design for Plenum indoor network installations and Fire Safety. Standards Certified Cable test pass listed to be type CMP Jacket. Bulk 1000ft cat5e Plenum Network pure copper cable can be installed in Open Places roof ducts in accordance and Air plenums. The wires are 24-Awg (American Weight Gauge) size and are made of solid bare (Pure) copper conductors. 1000ft Cat5e CMP Rated cable insulation material is best fire-resistant material and flame retardant and jacket is made of flame retardant CMP Rated Jacket. This cable is supplied in 1000-ft Easy pull box and sequential length markings are printed on the jacket.

  • Cat 5e 350 Mhz UTP flame retardant plenum 1000 feet blue.
  • UN shielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable – 350 MHz.
  • 24 AWG wires made of solid bare copper conductors.
  • Safety Standard Passed CMP for fire resistant plenum and roof network installations.
  • Exceeds TIA/EIA 568-C.2 specifications.
TSCables 1000ft Cat5e Bare Copper Ethernet cables are made of 100% pure solid bare copper wire. and are therefore fully compliant with fire and safety standards. which require pure bare copper wire in communications cables.

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in

Black, Blue, White

7 reviews for Cat5e Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Solid Bare Copper | 1000 Ft

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  1. Dog Dad.

    When I built my house, I ran CAT-5 cable everywhere… well at least I thought so at the time anyway. So many devices are wireless anymore, but sometimes nothing beats a wired-in connection. This cable was easy to pull through my crawlspace, and it spooled out of the box without any tangles. My next pull will be through my attic, but that won’t happen until summer has past.

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  2. Spinewolf

    The outer cover was thick and round. I had not used plenum cable before, so maybe it is all that way. I found the cable to be very stiff, so I would not want to use this for a patch cable to my laptop. For permanent long runs, it would be fine. It is stiff enough that turning the connector over to check if the wire was in far enough and the wire colors were where they should be was not as easy as I would like. I liked that it was solid copper rather than copper clad aluminum.

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  3. “TheDirtyDipper” ClaytonDavidHowellSonnier

    Great cable for your money, u will have a problem finding another one of this quality for this price point. Iv has no telling how many miles of cable run through my hands in the 11 years iv been doing installations & many many different brands as well. I’d put this up next to any of the high end brands & bet the only thing you’re going to definitely notice is the extra cash still in your account when u purchase this.!.!.!.

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  4. Dresden.D

    I pulled over 2000 feet of this cable with no issues. The wire colors are easy to see for punching down and it didn’t kink. I would buy again.

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  5. GP Alaska

    This is definitely the best cat5e pure copper cable that I’ve used and at a great price. I’ve had no issues with kinking from the beginning of the box through to the end and will definitely continue to use this for all of my data runs in the future. Highly recommend!

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  6. Dougie Fresh

    When we built our house I ran 1000′ of Cat6 but when it came time to run cable from various places on the first floor, garage and finished basement, I ran out. Finally I decided to finish these projects and get the rest of the jacks wired up across the basement ceiling along the joists in the unfinished space and behind the drop ceiling in the finished part. The cable pulled nice and easy. All the connections have been rock solid so far. I get a 1GB connection on everything I wired up.

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  7. Philip G.

    Worked fine

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