Cat6A Bulk Cable

Key Features

Cat6a is an outdoor ethernet cable that keeps data signals free from interference in different environments.

Key features of Cat6a cables include:

A. High-Speed Performance 

  1. Bandwidth capabilities: 500 MHz bandwidth 
  2. Data transfer speeds: Up to 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps)
  3. Low signal-to-noise ratio for optimal performance: Reduce crosstalk and improve the signal-to-noise ratio

B. Durability: Four pairs of 23AWG solid copper and protected by a 6.2mm diameter CMR PVC jacket.

C. Compatibility: It is backward compatible with CAT6 and CAT5E due to the continued use of the RJ45 connector.

Variety in Bulk Cat6a Ethernet Cables

Before you buy cat6a cable, know the different types according to specifications, as they come in various varieties.

A. Cable Types 

  1. Solid vs. Stranded cables: Solid Cat6a cables have a single, inflexible conductor, great for in-wall installations. Stranded cables, with multiple flexible wires, are better for patch cords and movable connections.
  2. Shielded vs. Unshielded cables: Shielded Cat6a cables have extra protection against electromagnetic interference, ensuring stable data transmission. Unshielded cables lack this additional shielding, making them suitable for interference-free environments.
  3. Hybrid options for versatile applications: Hybrid Cat6a cables offer a flexible solution, combining features of solid and stranded cables or shielded and unshielded cables, providing versatility for different networking applications and environments.
  4. Colors: Blue, blue, white, red, yellow, and purple help organize and identify cables within network installations.

B. Length Options

Maximum cable length of 100 meters or 328 feet, which carries an unyielding data signal.


Key applications of a box of cat6a cable include:

  1. Home Networking: Connect multiple devices with reliable connectivity and bandwidth-intensive applications like streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.
  2. Commercial Installations: Efficient data transfer, support multimedia applications, and enable reliable communication within the office.
  3. Industrial Use: Superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, ensuring reliable data transmission in challenging conditions.
  4. Educational Institutions: With high bandwidth and data integrity, students and faculty can ensure a seamless educational experience.
  5. Healthcare Facilities: Support digital healthcare systems, electronic medical records, and telemedicine applications.

Why Choose Bulk Cat6a Cables?

Cost-effectiveness:  Buying in larger quantities reduces per-unit costs, providing a cost-effective solution to establish or upgrade their network infrastructure.

Scalability: Seamless and adaptable solution ideal for large-scale network installations.

Customization: Maximum cable segment length 100 meters or 328 feet.

Buying Guide

When you look to buy cat6a cable, consider the following factors:

  1. Networks Supported: 10 GBase-T
  2. Compatible: Suitable For 750MHz High-Speed Data Applications, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and 155Mbps
  3. Scalability: Maximum data transmission of 1 Gbps
  4. Sequential Markings: Marked every 2 feet to track cable length and improve efficiency
  5. Electrical Performance: 4-connector configuration up to 100 meters
  6. Operating Temperature: -20°C / +75°C

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