Cat6a Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Yellow | 1000 Ft

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Cat6a Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Yellow | 1000 Ft

  • PACKAGING:Reel in Box
  • WEIGHT:38.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:14.00in x 14.00in x 12.00in
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37 reviews for Cat6a Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Yellow | 1000 Ft

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  1. S mill

    the wire dispensed without knotting and white cable made it easy to mark. cable has feet markings every three feet. the delivery was on time

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  2. K

    I ran a few hundred feet of this cable today for a client, and it was a great experience. The cable is constructed very well and is easy to work with. I will most certainly purchase this product again.

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  3. Pail Tech

    does what is expected, nice cable to work with.

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  4. E. Walker

    Good Cat6 Plenum cable. Heavy duty. All runs passed the first time. The boxes had some difficulty pulling at times or I would have rated 5 StaRz! The cables arrived quickly, but in two separate shipments, with one box protected better than the other (one had shipping marks / smashed portions). I would order this again.

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  5. Crown Rose

    Excellent cable at a good price.

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  6. Anthony D.

    Good cable.

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  7. Aron French

    Very happy with this purchase and saving a bunch of money making my own custom wires to fit rather than buying them as I need them.

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  8. Jason Kim

    The pull on these cables were easy. Good quality lines for the money.

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  9. Discover_Now

    Average wire for my business Ethernet needs. Love the colors offered.

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  10. Ryan M.

    Quality cable. Had a couple kinks in about 1500′ of cable but otherwise no issues. The box is flimsy but the reel inside pulls nicely. Has the + separator between pairs which is nice as well. Used for a 4k camera system install and will use again if the price stays reasonable

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Product was strong pulled in nice worked like a charm. I would buy it again if the need arises.

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  12. Nigel Preece

    I recently used this cable for a customer, its really great quality. I have used cheaper cable and its a royal pain to terminate them; this cable is great and I will buy more in future from this company.

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  13. Carey Williams

    Good value and quality

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  14. PartsGuru2015

    Works great!

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  15. Alex the shopper from Miami

    Top notch cables! I instantly loved them and used he whole roll installing multiple runs in a 1500 SQ ft office

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  16. Warren G

    I was highly satisfied with your product and service. Will continue to use your products and recommend to others.

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  17. Allan Croghan

    We’ll be looking to purchase more soon for our next project and we highly recommend this cable and this company!

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  18. LDS

    Cable pulled and installed well. I would have no issue installing it again.

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  19. Darren Eide

    This product was Solid Copper as describe and all data tests on each cable passed with no problems. Whatever you do make sure you purchase solid copper cable otherwise you will regret it. In the past I purchased copper clad aluminum (CCA) Cable for a 16 Channel NVR Video Surveillance System and had nothing but problems with most security cameras. To resolve the problem I had to install new solid copper plenum cable to each camera. To eliminate the frustration purchase quality cable to begin with, so you will save time and MONEY!!

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  20. John W.

    Good quality, box pulls smoothly. I’ve only pulled a few runs so far with it, but would purchase again.

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  21. Vlad

    Pulls good, cable is strong, and solid copper wires. Very high quality. I would not recommend using this for patch cords however because the solid copper makes it more stiff.

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  22. web786

    I always buy this brand. Hasn’t let me down yet.

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  23. Jarrod

    I used this for a recent install where PoE devices were used and it didn’t let me down. The cable was relatively snag free and easily manageable even with a few complicated long runs through tight spaces.

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  24. Michael Ruskey

    Very cheap price. No problems with 12 runs tested so far. If you are using in own home or doing few runs it is more then adequate. However if you are an installer or doing many runs you will be aggravated.

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  25. All American Reviews

    If you are in an area with lots of RFI or have some other reason for needing shielded cable this product should definitely fit your needs. There aren’t a lot of situations these days where specs call for the installation of Plenum cable. It calls for the highest quality but is also ultra expensive. This product is priced comparably with others, but it definitely ain’t cheap.

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  26. SlyTek

    Excellent quality pure copper cable. Used 500ft already from their 1000ft box, no problems at all.

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  27. DisseminateJoy

    This is a large wire, so crimping it into plugs is not an easy task. However, terminating it into sockets is easy to do. The quality is exceptional, it passed all the tests I can give it. Great cable!

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  28. E C Harris

    No snag. GOOD STUFF. Pricey but you get what you pay for!

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  29. Pope Rann

    I have been using this cable for 5th time for my projects. ItÕs strong and good quality

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  30. David Clark

    Works good. Will buy again.

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  31. dwkeru

    Good quality at a good price.

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  32. David Hruska

    Works perfectly. Really enjoy the sequential numbering on the cable.

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  33. Truthsayer

    I’m in the business. This cable was better than what my local supplier has at a significantly lower price, and delivered. The delivery saves me time & expense. It is manufactured off-shore, but this cable feeds far better than the offshore cable the local supplier has. the exterior sheathing sustains fewer nicks on long, difficult runs. While not quite as good at feeding or resisting nicks and cuts as the USA made cable, it’s close. 300 foot runs passed verification after installation. Do I prefer USA cable? Yes, but in competitive environments, I won’t hesitate to use this cable again.

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  34. daisy lani

    good quality cable, easy to work with.

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  35. Sam

    Good cable. We’ll labeled. Pulled easily, didn’t kink much, I got bright yellow. Should have chosen white or blue or even purple. Yellow is the same color as domestic electric wire so it was confusing in the attic. I’ve bought lots of cable before for wiring jobs and this was as good as you need for a domestic job. For enterprise grade work it could pull better I guess, but if you are doing enterprise work, don’t go on Amazon to buy material 🙂

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  36. Bill M.

    this cable is also somewhat expensive. But I do believe that this cable is definitely worth its modestly elevated price tag. And, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

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  37. Leighton Starwalt

    Easy to pull, no tangles or other bad stuff. Very easy to terminate for cat6a cable, too. Definitely recommend!

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