Cat6a Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Purple | 1000 Ft

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Cat6a Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Purple | 1000 Ft

  • PACKAGING:Reel in Box
  • WEIGHT:38.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:14.00in x 14.00in x 12.00in
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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 12 in

27 reviews for Cat6a Plenum Cable | Unshielded Twisted Pair | Purple | 1000 Ft

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  1. S mill

    the wire dispensed without knotting and white cable made it easy to mark. cable has feet markings every three feet. the delivery was on time

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  2. K

    I ran a few hundred feet of this cable today for a client, and it was a great experience. The cable is constructed very well and is easy to work with. I will most certainly purchase this product again.

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  3. Pail Tech

    does what is expected, nice cable to work with.

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  4. Anthony D.

    Good cable.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Very high quality.

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  6. Jason Kim

    The pull on these cables were easy. Good quality lines for the money.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Product was strong pulled in nice worked like a charm. I would buy it again if the need arises.

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  8. Nigel Preece

    I recently used this cable for a customer, its really great quality. I have used cheaper cable and its a royal pain to terminate them; this cable is great and I will buy more in future from this company.

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  9. PartsGuru2015

    Works great!

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  10. Warren G

    I was highly satisfied with your product and service. Will continue to use your products and recommend to others.

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  11. E C Harris

    Exactly as described.

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  12. Allan Croghan

    We’ll be looking to purchase more soon for our next project and we highly recommend this cable and this company!

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  13. LDS

    Cable pulled and installed well. I would have no issue installing it again.

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  14. General

    Hefty cable, spool works well on a set of racketeers, pulls easy through conduit. I haven’t terminated any of it try but so far so good.

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  15. harisn9000

    Cable did the job to keep signal noise out of the network. Easy to use spool, cable was good quality and easy to work with.

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  16. Amazon Customer

    Great value for great cable that is plenum!

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  17. Lew Alan

    Very good quality cable. Same as advertised. Highly recommend.

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  18. dwkeru

    Good quality at a good price.

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  19. Truthsayer

    I’m in the business. This cable was better than what my local supplier has at a significantly lower price, and delivered. The delivery saves me time & expense. It is manufactured off-shore, but this cable feeds far better than the offshore cable the local supplier has. the exterior sheathing sustains fewer nicks on long, difficult runs. While not quite as good at feeding or resisting nicks and cuts as the USA made cable, it’s close. 300 foot runs passed verification after installation. Do I prefer USA cable? Yes, but in competitive environments, I won’t hesitate to use this cable again.

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  20. Matt

    Great CMP Cable. Solid cable and good for in-wall and drop ceiling runs.

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    I found these to work great and they have all tested perfectly and work for us.

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  22. J Popp

    This stuff is great and very very stiff. It’s not easy to work with, but it’s definitely a high quality shielded cable. We built 2 offices in our house and networked the house while we were at it since we work from home.

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  23. Mohammed Moustafa

    let first say that I never thought I would spend time reviewing cable, but this cable impressed me as I had bought other brands that were more expensive. first thing I liked was the durability of this cable. the next thing which made my life easier was that the individual wires were colored with this high contrast jacket that makes it very easy to tell them apart when working in low light conditions. the pins were easy to mold and fit into the rj45 connector. it saved me time and we’re easier on my fingers. thank you. I’m going to be switching to this brand from now on.

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  24. Scotts

    Seems to be good. Outside box came pretty damaged but the inside was fine. Carriers don’t care about your product, just want to get the delivery done. Whatever happened to good Quality Control?

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  25. zoxerxes

    The cable is well foil shielded. Because of the thickness of the plastic center, it is too difficult to crimp RJ-45 connectors on. It is best to punch down the plenum cable onto a keystone jack, and then attach a regular ethernet cable on the other side.

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  26. P. Dugas

    I installed my first network and used this wire. It seems to work fine. I have made about a dozen 40 foot runs with no problems. The wire comes out of the box with no twist. I have had no issues installing connectors. I have not run this plenum wire from my attic down the HVAC duct plenum yet. Waiting for cooler weather. I don’t anticipate any problems running it there. Some wire has labels stamped on them to tell you how many feet of wire you have used or have left. I don’t see anything like that on this wire. I have more than I need, so it does not bother me.

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  27. clay garrett

    Liked the product. satisfied with price, impressed with delivery service

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