Cat6a Plenum Ethernet Cable

Cat6a Plenum Bulk Cable

Buying cat6a plenum bulk cable in bulk reduces the cost and optimizes the procurement process by minimizing re-ordering.

Advantages of buying Cat6a cable in bulk include:

Cost Savings: Bulk purchases offer discounts, reducing overall expenses and providing economic benefits for large-scale projects or frequent installations.

Customization: Adapt cable lengths, colors, and specifications to match specific requirements, ensuring precision and optimal performance for networking needs.

Longer length: Bulk Ethernet cables can be up to 1000 feet long.

Project efficiency: Bulk buying Cat6a reduces procurement time, streamlines project logistics, and minimizes downtime.

Solid Bar Copper Cat6a Plenum Cable

Plenum-rated cables, like solid bar copper Cat6a Plenum Cable, meet fire safety standards for use in commercial spaces. Installed in plenum airspaces, these flame-resistant cables reduce the risk of fire propagation, making them essential for safety compliance in buildings with air circulation systems.

Buying Guide

Consider the following aspects when buying Cat6a plenum ethernet cable:
Jacket Type: CMP jacket for fire safety and high-degree flame resistance
Shielding: Shielded for protection from EMI
Performance: 10 Gigabit ethernet speeds up to 328 feet and bandwidth up to 750 MHz
Compatibility: 23AWG solid conductors with an insulated conductor diameter
Markings: Every 2 feet improves efficiency and allows you to track cable length
Colors: Black, White, Blue

Why Choose TSCables Cat6a Plenum Cable

Quality Assurance: TSCables offer superior quality, ensuring high performance and meeting industry standards.
Customer Service: Experience dedicated and prompt technical support, 24/7 online assistance, and a transparent after-sales department.
Accessibility: With the capability to serve clients nationwide, enjoy the convenience of reliable deliveries for all your cabling needs.

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