Keystone jacks

Dive into the World of Keystone Jacks

What is a Keystone Jack?

A keystone jack is a female connector used in data communications, particularly in local area networks (LANs). They snap into a wall plate, patch panel, or surface mount box, providing a stable and organized interface for connecting devices.

The Versatility of the RJ45 Keystone Jack

The RJ45 keystone jack is a popular choice for Ethernet connections. It’s designed to support Cat5e, Cat6, and even Cat6A cables, ensuring high-speed data transmission.

Why Choose a Cat6a Keystone Jack?

For those looking to future-proof their networks, the Cat6a keystone jack offers support for higher data rates and bandwidth, making it ideal for demanding applications.

Benefits of Using Our Keystone Jacks

Superior Quality

Each keystone jack in our collection undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Wide Range

From the standard RJ45 keystone jack to specialized cat5e and cat6 keystone jacks, we cater to diverse networking requirements.

Easy Installation

Our keystone jacks are designed for easy installation, ensuring a secure fit and optimal connectivity.

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