Solid Polyethylene Underground Cable

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Solid Polyethylene Underground Cable

This cable is usually used for distribution in exchange area for direct burial installation where increase mechanical strength is required.

This cable is generally based on Specification REA PE-39.

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Application and Key Features

Conductor: Solid annealed Copper, the conductor sizes are 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.9 mm.
Insulation: Colored High Molecular Weight Solid High-Density Polyethylene.
Color Coding: Cable are fully color coded in accordance with PIC even count color code.
Twining/ Pairing: Two Colored insulated conductors are uniformly twisted together to form a pair, Varying lay length is designed to minimize the cross talk and capacitance unbalance.
Stranding/Cabling: Twisted pairs are assembled into unit of 25 pairs, when desired for lay-up reason, the units are divided into two or more sub-units, which are bind with durably colored polyethylene tapes to form a compact and circular cable.
Filling Compound: The water resistant filling compound is applied to the air space within the cable core.
Core Covering: A Non-Hygroscopic and Dielectric Polyester Tape and Water Blocking Tape are applied helically having a suitable overlap.
Flooding Compound: Sufficient flooding compound is applied between the core wrap and shield.
Moisture Barrier & inner Sheath: An aluminium tape with co-polymer coating is applied over the cable core and then sheathed with black polyethylene compound.
Armor (optional): A single plastic coated or tin coated steel corrugated armor is applied longitudinally directly over the Inner Sheath with suitable flooding compound.
Identification: A plastic tape, durably marked with the manufacturers name, year of manufacture and cable size, if required, is placed under the core covering. Alternatively, these details may be printed on the outer jacket of cable.
Jacket: Black High Molecular weight low-density polyethylene compound.



Color Scheme for 25 Pair Units

25 Pair Units Identification for Cable upto 600 Pair

Cross Section of Solid Polyethylene Underground Cable


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