Non-Metallic Duct Optical Fiber Cable

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Non-Metallic Duct Optical Fiber Cable

The cable is designed for metropolitan networks and is laid in the Ducts, it is available upto 144 Fibers. The customer can select the fiber count and fiber type based on its requirement. A maximum fiber count of 144 is possible. Since this cable has to be pulled in ducts, the cable has been designed at a higher tensile strength. If ducts are not available direct burial version is also available. The stranded loose tubes contain thixotropic jelly but the cable core is based on dry-block construction. A jelly filled version in which cable core is filled can also be offered, if required by the customers. Cable core is based on dry-block construction.

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Application and Key Features

Applications: Metropolitan Networks
Recommended Installation Procedure: Air Blowing and Pulling in Ducts
Cable Construction: Stranded Loose tube (Dry Block Type)*
Fiber Count: Up to 144
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.655.c
Physical properties: Light Weight and Flexible

*Jelly filled construction can be manufactured on customer’s request.


Cross Section of Non-Metallic Duct Optical Fiber Cable


Key Specifications for Non-Metallic Duct Cable


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